Exaculum pusillum Gentianaceae Guernsey Centuary

Picture 1 Close up

Exaculum pusillum 18kb

Description - Down on your hands and knees for this one! The photo shows a very large plant, bigger than any I've ever seen, and it is at least 3 cm high! It is usually half this height, with tiny leaves and pale pink flowers about 1mm long, which only open in bright sunlight.

Habitat - It seems to like areas of dune slack which are very wet in the Winter, drying out in the Summer, when it appears in August.

Comment - A very rare plant, sometimes not seen for years at a time. It can be searched for on L'Ancresse Common in areas as described above. 1977 and 1998 were good years with many plants seen, but we have only two records since then, the last in 2010. It is a native plant which grows nowhere else in the British Isles.

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